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Paradise Syndrome Character Sheet:

Name: Juko Kusonoki

Brief Description:

Juko is a 15 year old girl who is rumored to be the world's savior. People usually recognize her by her orange hair, blue eyes and the star (amulet) on her chest. She is aware that the world's turmoil is caused by believable illusions that are making people suffer in both mind and body. She is able to see the world as it really is, but this uses her magic power as well, so she hardly uses it unless she finds herself caught up in the fearful images, but she's pretty fearless to begin with.

Juko is the only person the world knows to have magic capabilities.The amulet she wears is handed down her family lineage. It is believed to be the world's guardian star and the one who possess it is deemed responsible for the world. But Juko is the only member of her family who has powers to possibly meet such requirements. Despite these high held rumors and beliefs, Juko wishes to continue a fairly normal teen-hood with fun experiences, which embraces her carefree, attention grabbing, but sometimes lazy self. Not to mention the fact that Juko tends to use her magic for selfish reasons, one of them being the spell to satisfy her sweet tooth. She finds herself in more trouble when she really needs her magic power, but is out of energy from exhausting her power on herself. In the pocket of her vest, she carries a pocket book of magic spells, but only knows the spells for candy wishes.

Besides having a carefree personality, Juko finds herself lacking in sympathy for people who are afraid of illusions. They aren't real and she wants everyone to realize that and overcome their fears. She wishes for the world's happiness and grants it to them by literally sending them to a magical place with her paradise syndrome powers. When this power activates, people say her eyes are filled with stars as if they are watching a cosmic phenomenon. This power too uses up energy, so Juko uses it sparingly. What's her plan for removing people from the world and into a new one? To change the world before she returns them? To remove the illusions? Who knows?

Place of Birth: Juko was born into the Kusonoki family, an noble people from the Middle Lands of Sonjavik.

Date of Birth: August 15

Age: 15

Height: 5'4"; 5'6" with boots on

Sex: Female

Eye Color: Blue (stars in eyes when using paradise power)

Hair Color: Orange

Class: Spell Caster-rare magicians only inherit in 5 families, each with their own family amulet.

Ability: Spell magic and Summoning guns with her atomic-star amulet.

Personality: Brave, takes things lightly and a show off at times

Pet-peeves: People being scared of illusions

Clothing: Though her clothes are a bit form fitting, they are edgy. Wears high boots and a puffy vest where she keeps her spell book. Form fitting jeans, a shirt, and gloves. Also wears an amulet past down through generations.

Transportation: Hover moped that she conjured up with a spell.

Hobbies: Eating candy, riding her hover scooter, shopping or making her own clothes by magic, and using spells for dazzling entrances and other selfish purposes.

Mannerisms: Rocks side to side when excited. Smirks when she thinks she looks cool or good. Often has a dumbfounded face when something doesn't work, but brushes it off lightly.

Habits: Eats candy a lot and is known for using spells just for candy. This can drain her magic and usually is the cause of her being in tough situations. She acts carefree because she knows that much of the occurrences are illusions.
She doesn't have much sympathy for people, but genuinely wishes people happiness.
Gets lazy and doesn't like long walks.

Greatest Flaw: Running out of magic energy when she really needs it.

Greatest Strength: Her dream for a happy world, for everyone to be happy.

Archetype: Hero
STORY & ART BY: :iconsharinku: & :iconinterstateninja:
RULES: [link]

Other Characters:

I decided to do character sheets because I felt they will help me visualize the story better and would contribute to the artist's character designs.

I automatically thought to adapt Juko's initial personality into something more funny for the story and it helps develop more stories for the manga in my case.

Hope you enjoy reading it.
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