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Paradise Syndrome Script

Page 1

Panel 1: On a dark night with a full moon's light casted on the already failing buildings.

SFX: Crash!

Panel 2: In dark shadows, two characters run across broken glass.

SFX: Tkat Tkat Tkat

Panel 3: View of Masa's bat as he is running.

Masa: What was that thing?

Panel 4: The view of the trash ridden street with a damaged car in view.

Masa: Where is everybody? Everything looks grim.

Panel 5: The boys are running with their faces not in view. (worms eye view or birds eye view)

Panel 6: Shuji is running ahead even though he is shorter and Masa is in the background. Shuji is expressively upset about the situation.

Masa: Shuji, why so quiet? (In an innocent, dopey face)

Shuji: Because I'm angry! You sold me a bad idea, Masa!

Panel 7: Masa with two expressions. The first one he laughs nervously and the second one he looks curious as he asks a question.

Masa: Who's she?

Page 2

Panel 1: Closeup on Shuji looking surprised.

Panel 2: A close up on her hair.

Shuji: Orange hair…

Panel 3: Closeup of her moped beside her.

Shuji: a moped…

Panel 4: Closeup on her amulet.

Shuji: and the star on her chest.

Panel 5: (Biggest panel in middle of page) Fullbody of Juko standing next to her moped with her chewing a long cherry licorice with the end of it wrapped around her hand.

Shuji: She's the world's savior!

Panel 6: A shadow is cast over Juko.

Panel 7: A split closeup on Shuji and Masa looking shocked/worried and Juko looking calm.

Page 3

Panel 1: Nobuo is standing menacingly.

Nobuo: Juko.

Panel 2: Juko is not scared the least.

Juko: How does an illusion now my name?

Panel 3: Nobuo hand reaches for Juko.

Panel 4: Juko is shocked that she was grabbed by what she believed to be an illusion.

Juko: He's not an illusion! (Thought)

Nobuo: You've been in Tora's way.

Juko: Who's Tora?

Panel 5: Nobuo has Juko in his hands as he rants about Tora and Juko.

Nobuo: This world is ours! Tora sent me her to deal with you. Your days of saving these people are about to end. Any last words?

Page 4

Panel 1: Shuji and Masa struck Nobuo in the face with a pipe and bat.

Hit SFXs: Bong! (for Pipe) Crack! (for Bat)

Nobuo SFX: ugh!

Panel 2: Nobuo loses his grip of Juko.

Panel 3: Juko: What are you two doing?!

Masa: Isn't it obvious? We want to be your heroes. (says with a smile)

Shuji: Here I am following his ideas again.  We should all try to get out of--

Panel 4: The two boys are thrashed by Nobuo's hand.

Panel 5: They collide into cars.

Panel 6; The creature heads towards them.

Panel 7: Juko is shocked.

Juko (mind): Why?

Page 5

Panel 1: The boys are laying down against the cars. They are unconscious.

Juko (mind): Why did they risk their lives to save me?

Panel 2: Creature is walking closer to the boys. Backview of the creature in Juko's perspective.

Juko (mind): I'm so stupid. He wasn't an illusion.

Panel 3: All black with white text.

Juko (mind): I have to stop him.

Panel 4: Closeup on her eyes looking serious.

Juko (mind): I want to save them!

Panel 5: Her atomic-star amulet begins to light up.

Panel 6: Her amulet shooting lights to her hand.

Panel 7: In her hand she now holds two guns.

Juko: So this is the power of the amulet?

Panel 8: Nobuo turns around.

Panel 9: She's holding the gun that has a beam glowing at it's end ready to fire a shot.

Juko: I think it's time we all wake up from this nightmare.
STORY & ART BY: :iconsharinku: & :iconinterstateninja:

RULES: [link]


This is my first real script for a manga. Before now, it's just plot summaries. I worked hard and collaborated with :iconinterstateninja:.

To be done in 5 pages was definitely a challenge with all I wanted to do with the story. After deciding what the feel and flow needed to be, and then rewriting for the manga pages, this is what resulted.

Hope you enjoy the story.
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January 15, 2013
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